June 16, 2016

Albion Idaho Campus Retreat

I went with no expectations to Tony's family reunion because honestly I did not know how it would even go. I was more than happy by the end of the weekend that it was so fun I wish it could have lasted a day or two longer!


This is the building we stayed in on campus called Miller Hall and the whole place is called the Albion Campus Retreat The campus used to be for the Normal School, where teachers went to learn how to be teachers before universities were established for this kind of thing. 

The house that was rented for us to stay in had 15 bedrooms! So awesome because it was plenty of room it seemed for everyone to sleep and spread out a bit.


There was a basement, main floor, upstairs and above that, 
a game room at the very top of the building!


Outside had a spa, above ground pool, tetherball, volleyball court, stage and 
some fun bikes to ride


They did a slip and slide game with the kids on Friday afternoon


There was a fun bounce house


Until it tried to swallow me alive!


But I was able to escape



The weather was very nice on Friday (we left Thurs. after work to drive to Albion)

 The scenery was gorgeous!

Loving Albion so far, minus the fact it's a super small town and the nearest bit bigger town was about 20-30 min away.


We don't get many chances to relax when we travel but at this reunion we got some relaxing in on those awesome anti gravity chairs and it was soo nice for a change. I tried not to feel too antsy though.

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