November 17, 2014

Las Vegas

We wanted just one last camping trip for 2014 so we decided to go down to southern Utah. However, the weather was not really cooperating so we ended up in Las Vegas! We pulled over to camp outside of St George because we both got really tired and it was pretty windy. In the morning, we only had a couple hours more to go so it wasn’t too bad. We picked up a guy at the gas station who needed to get to his motorcycle in Vegas and it was fun to have him along for the ride.

Some crazy dark clouds and weather as we drove

Pulling the teardrop behind us as we go

We ate at a ramen noodle place that we found when we were looking for a place to eat. It was very interesting

I like big bowls, I cannot lie

Tony's food

My edamame appetizer. So delicious

Here's the food I got. 

Saw a tiny dumpster as we were leaving

Freeway on the other side was empty of traffic minus a bunch of police vehicles. It was really weird!

 Soo much traffic on the strip, as usual

Saturday night fun walking around some of our favorite hotels

We stayed at my friend Emily's house on Saturday night and her husband pulled our teardrop camper into their garage just to keep it safe. So we slept in it in their garage. So funny!

My treat from Hershey World (smores of course!) at Emily's house for breakfast the next day

Our only picture together on my trip, after church in Emily's ward. It was great!

Random cool license plate

Making our own fry sauce...

Mmm it had been too long!

Could not and still cannot stop laughing. Omygoodness

Maybe we will eat at the Heart Attack Grill next time?!

                             See you next time, Vegas. You were really fun!

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