April 3, 2014

Weight Loss & Selfies

Driving through Gunlock State Park took us on kind of a loop and we found ourselves heading back towards St. George. We passed Fitness Way in Ivins & I saw a sign I recognized so we decided to turn around and check it out. I know it does not show up too well in the picture but it's The Biggest Loser resort!

The van says "exclusive resort to The Biggest Loser". Oh wow!!

There were a whole lot of Biggest Loser vehicles lined up in the parking lot. Pretty cool

On our way again

Until we passed by this building in St George and I made Tony turn around again

So crazy! Things were so different back in the 'olden days'. A building just for Relief Society. Interesting.

This animal was pretty interesting

Tony did a u-turn for the 3rd time and I got this selfie. Haha! 
He knows I try to live by the motto, "Leave no regrets" when we roadtrip. 
Good job Tony!

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