April 3, 2014

Saturday Night In St George

Here's what we did for dinner. We brought mashed potatoes with the milk and butter already measured out in tupperware. Gravy packet , can of corn and a can of chicken. We cooked the gravy in a pot and the potatoes in another pot. Once the potatoes were done we added in about 1/2 of the can of corn and all the chicken. It was so delicious and tasted like a homemade meal. It was nice not to have to eat fast food.

Our view at dinner. So pretty!

 We didnt have too much planned for after dinner so we found a mall in St. George where we thought a dollar theater was. I found a DI. We eventually found the movie theater so we saw a movie and then I saw Freddy's!  This restarant was in AZ and I ate there once before I moved. I treated Tony to ice cream and fries - they are so skinny! Love them. I am happy to say that Tony enjoyed eating here. Woot!

The D on the mountain in St George. Stands for Dixie

Back at the campsite we just unloaded the car , filled up the new air mattress and slept a lot more comfortably than the previous night. 

This picture is the next morning, leaving our campsite. Leaving Snow Canyon State Park and on to more adventures!

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