June 27, 2013

Golden Spike National Monument

Checking out Golden Spike National Monument in Utah
So excited to be here, it was our first time being able to go.

Made sure to put a stamp in our passport book

Pretty amazing , 10 miles in one day was a record for them

I wanted to go to Sacramento when I saw this sign. Only 690 miles away - hehe

Miniature replica of the exciting day the railroads met

Tony liked what this said so much when I read it to him. We laughed so much. It says,

"Irish workers wrote a song
about their work with
explosives like black powder and nitroglycerin:

Last week a premature blast went off,
And a mile in the sky went big Jim Goff.
Now when next pay day came around,
Jim Goff a dollar short was found.
He asked the reason; came this reply,
You were docked for the time you were up in the sky."

To visit this place yourself, here's the website with more information

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