October 15, 2011

Tent Rock National Park

 The sky was so pretty, partly overcast and partly blue and cloudy

 Super cool, I love these two pictures - standing by some tent rocks

Beginning of hike with all my layers

 I started taking off layers as we hiked because I got too hot!

 Well, here is the "cave"

 We continued on and I found a tree that made me feel like a hobbit

 I made Tony take a picture of this one (all the pictures here are from his phone actually) all these pinecones nesting in a fallen tree branch/log that we went under as we hiked. So neat

 So tired but it was pretty easy hiking, mostly flat ground and not too much up and down. Yet

My "Jaclyn" inspired yoga pose..hehe..with a fallen tree coming out of my head. O geez...

 Got a picture with the signs at the end of the hike

 Beautiful scenery
 Love this picture too

 People were hiking all the way up there! I'm secretly a little glad we had to turn around before we got to the super hard part. We only had 1 walking stick between us!

Next time if we go again we will hike all the way to the top I'm sure. Had to make it back due to other commitments but if you are ever in the Tent Rock National Park area...about 1-1/2 hrs or so from Albuquerque, its definitely worth going to!

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