August 4, 2010

Timpanogos Cave in Utah

Types of rocks along the way
Love this heart shape in the cave

One of my trips to Utah (the wknd of June 20th) Tony and I went to Timpanogos Cave and hiked to the top and then got to tour the cave as well. It was pretty freekin cool and the walking sticks helped A LOT!
the view was beautiful

and the company was HOT

inside the cave

the people in front of us kept taking pix of them posing in the cave and tony & i were the last in the group and had to shut doors behind us so it was getting annoying waiting for this couple so the I decided that I wanted a pic in the cave and thsi is the shot tony got. Lol

my treat at the end was an ice cream cone for not complaining about the hike (which I might or might not tend to do sometimes)

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