August 4, 2010

Hiking to Delicate Arch in Moab, Utah

I've wanted to go to this place for so long! Or just be in Moab...

and here I am at Delicate Arch

It was really really windy close to the Arch so we didnt go over there. Tony did not like the strong wind

heading back

love the view

it was really really hot. You couldnt go on this hike unless you had water with you.  We had some waterbottles and Tony's camelback. It was way hot and I was really sore and tired from the cave hike the day before so we went really slow, took lots of breaks and totally used our walking sticks.

we came from wayyy over there

random white rock mixed in with brown shaded ones

a board that talks about hiking to the Delicate Arch

at the Visitor's Center

scenic drive around Moab in the evening

sounded way cool but we didnt have a permit and the time for rangers had passed. Next time!

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