Future Travels

  South Dakota - July 1-5th 2011


Wind Cave

Jewel Cave

Mount Rushmore
+ firework show

Aug 15-21 2011
-Jasper NP
-Banff NP
-Edmiton Mall

May 20-21 2012  Full Eclipse
-Southern Utah (Zion)

Aug 21-22 2017 Full Eclipse
-Great Smokey

March 2012
Fairbanks Alaska is one of the better spots to see the Northern Lights... And it is also the place of the World Championship Ice festival....March 22 is one of the best times to see the lights... it is also the last week of the festival.  It is the best to see the northern lights during a new moon... and in 2012 is on March 22.

Random 3 day weekend in Utah
-Dinosaur NP
-Fantasy Canyon
-Colorado NM
-Little/Big Creek Cave


Another day in Zion... then the upper part of Zion (Kolob Terres) and some waterfall hikes.

Cedar Breaks is close to the upper part of Zion. Map & Location of all places

Goblin Valley
Arches National Park 


 Havasupai Waterfalls

Glen Canyon - I have been here & driven through but not gotten a stamp for our passport book

Grand Canyon

Organ Pipe Cactus

Sunset Crater Volcano - been here but no stamp 

so many cool places here to go

Ramona Falls


Hanging Lake


Northern Lights